PM asked to come clean on Barclays debacle

Winston Peters

Wellington, August 1, 2017

The Prime Minister’s cloak of ‘no responsibility’ over the Todd Barclay affair is threadbare.

Mr English might as well tell all – his phone records show he was in constant contact with electorate agent Glenys Dickson, who was secretly recorded by National MP Todd Barclay.

Clearly, Mr English knew all about the staffing problems and was involved in matters that led to her payoff and resignation.

Mr English has dug his heels in just as he did when he was double dipping by claiming $1000 a week expenses to live in his own house, which had been leased to the government for his official residence. He was eventually forced to pay back some money.

Text messages

Mr English sent Glenys Dickson over 450 text messages in the year before she resigned on February 7, 2016.

In the days leading to the resignation, he sent her 31 text messages, with 22 the day before.

He also claimed he had “nothing further to add” when questioned on the issues, yet he knew of the recording and was texting Glenys Dickson all the time.

He sent her 90 text messages from late November 2015 to the day she resigned.”

The New Zealand public should not have to put up with a Prime Minister who hides behind rules of Parliament.

As Deputy Prime Minister at the time and now Prime Minister he has a duty to be honest.

Winston Peters is elected Member of Parliament from Northland Constituency and Leader of the New Zealand First Party.


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