Oporto family sharpens focus on better communities

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Oporto is rebuilding for a brighter future in New Zealand and modernising the brand, bringing our family back together with sharpened focus over the next 18 months.

The Oporto Family

Oporto started as a family business 30 years ago at Bondi Australia.

Today it is the Seventh largest brand in Australasia, with 150 stores.

Most of the franchisees’ families work for Oporto.

The Oporto family is made up of Customers, Franchisees, Team Members, Suppliers and the Community.

Their success is determined by competence, commitment, quality of service and unity.

A Turning Point

This year was a turning point for Oporto New Zealand.

Oporto New Zealand is a top performer with a growth in business by 12%.

The Company launched its state-of-the-art website (www.oporto.co.nz) with  analytical capabilities and nutrition information

The Company also also upgraded its POS System and Chef-mate Kitchen Ordering System to Version 6 for faster processing and instore product delivery.

Family Recipe

The New Zealand stores also witnessed the return of the ‘Original Chilli Sauce.’

This is the recipe of the family of Founder Antonio Cerqueira, which made the brand famous on both sides of the Tasman.

Oporto will advance its menu by adding a Dinner Day Party focus to its famous Portuguese Flame Grilled Chicken and new sides.

Oporto family sharpens-Rebecca, Rachel and Reuben at the Oporto Stall WebSpicy Portuguese campaigns highlight Oporto’sLive Spicy, Leverage Our Portuguese Origins’ showcasing unique quality and taste.

As a company that caters to the evolving tastes of its customers, Oporto launched its ‘Food Court Trial,’ to understand market preference and improve its market share.

The feedback will be the basis of significant changes in the menu.

Uniform Status

Among the significant and noticeable changes effected related to the Oporto uniforms, which literally came out of the 1990s.

Customers say, “Members of the Oporto family not only look smart in their new uniform but also wear it with pride. They are endearing.”

System Improvement

The change in ownership and management of Oporto New Zealand last year accorded an opportunity to review the performance of the Company, its stores, products and services not only to be in line with the exacting standards of the Oporto brand, but also profitability and market status in New Zealand.

The exhaustive review enabled the Company to benchmark standards and practices to improve productivity and profitability.

Career Progress

Oporto family sharpens- A Store Web - CopyImplementation of ‘Pathways’ has enabled Oporto New Zealand to have in place career advancement opportunities from staff level to that of being a successful franchisee. Oporto Management considers its both a privilege and responsibility to shape the careers of people and make them successful members of the community.

A new, world-class training platform provides the appropriate learning tools and support to enable every member of the Oporto team to skills development and management expertise.

Franchise Engagement

The most significant achievement of Oporto New Zealand is its renewed Franchisee Engagement and faith in the brand.

Currently, in Auckland, Franchise opportunities are available in Glenfield Mall Auckland (North Shore), Hunters Plaza (Manukau), Drive through site in East Auckland and four other sites under review in Auckland.

Sites are also available in Palmerston North, Lower Hutt, Rotorua and Hamilton.

For further information, please contact Rebecca Perera. Email:  Franchise@oporto.co.nz  

Oporto New Zealand is the Sponsor of ‘Business Excellence in Retail Trade’ Category of Indian Newslink Indian Business Awards for the second successive year.



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