Labour backs renters’ call for warm, healthy homes

Phil Twyford

About 80% of renters wish their home was warmer and drier, and that is what Labour will deliver.

The HRV State of the Home Survey shows just a third of rentals are insulated, 40 per cent are cold, and 60 per cent are mouldy.

More than a third of families say they have to use less heating to keep their winter power bill down.

Cold, damp, mouldy housing makes people sick and contributes to 1,600 deaths a year. We can and must do better.

Home Guarantee Bill

Labour’s Healthy Homes Guarantee Bill will ensure all rentals are warm, dry, and healthy to live in. This is life-saving legislation, and Labour welcomes the support of all parties in Parliament, except National and ACT, in passing it into law.

Renters deserve a decent place to live, and landlords should be required to meet basic health standards like any other business selling a product.

Renters can look forward to healthier homes with Labour.

Phil Twyford is elected Member of Parliament from Te Atatu Constituency and Labour Party’s Spokesman for Housing.

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