One of the best attributes of the Indian Newslink Indian Business Awards is its integrity. The panel of judges is independent of Indian Newslink, its management and staff and sponsors.

The Panel comprises professionals of proven expertise in various fields of activity. Those entering the Business Awards send their entries in the prescribed forms directly to Chad Wilkie, Convenor of the Judging Panel to a specially dedicated email ID.

Mr Wilkie, who is involved in many other Awards programmes in New Zealand said that participants are often sceptical about the judging panel, concerned that confidential information will get into the wrong hands, that celebrating success in business attracts the wrong sort of attention, and that the judging process will be subject to influence.

Assured integrity

“I can assure everyone that this is not the case as far as IBA is concerned. The entries are sent directly to me as Chairman of Judges, and are never shared with anyone in Indian Newslink. The judges are chosen by me for their integrity and capabilities, and each signs a confidentiality agreement. The Panel picks the finalists and winners based on a rigorous process,” he said.

The Judges evaluate the entries and their decision is final and not subject to debate or correspondence.


Our Panel of Independent Judges

Chad Wilkie, Executive Director, Ignition Partner Limited (Chairman)

Nevil Gibson, Editor-in-Chief, The National Business Review

Steve Corbett, Chief Executive, e-Centre Ltd, Massey University

Tony Bacon, M2M Consultant

Tim Livingstone, Senior Partner, UHY Haines Norton, Chartered Accountants

Claire McGowan, CEO, SODA Inc

Chip Dawson, Managing Director, International Business Management Ltd

Ray Knight, Director, Business Services, Sublime

Mike Skilling, Management Consultant

Maria Taylor, General Manager, Workforce Development, Unitec


The following are some of the comments heard at the Awards Ceremony held in the past few years:

I commend Indian Newslink for initiating IBA, which reward business success and motivate New Zealanders of Indian origin to foster innovation.Sir Anand Satyanand, Governor General of New Zealand (November 15, 2010)Indian Newslink is doing a commendable job. I read it regularly. IBA keeps growing and I am already looking forward to attending the next one.

John Key, former Prime Minister of New Zealand

The (IBA) Award Presentation Ceremony was a superb occasion, as it has been since inception.  One of the special features of these Awards was not just simply the Indian community recognising the best achievements of its own, but understanding and recognising just how much the wider Indian community contributes to the New Zealand economy.

(November 28, 2016)

Bill English (now Prime Minister) then Acting Prime Minister and Finance Minister (December 1, 2012)

I want Auckland to be the best city, providing the best infrastructure and the best incentives for businesses to grow. I congratulate Indian Newslink for its exceptional job and for instituting the IBA.

Phil Goff, Mayor of Auckland (Indian Newslink, December 1, 2016)