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It has been a year since Indian Newslink committed to covering more sports related news.

We have honoured this commitment and, as announced in our last edition, we now commit to taking our sports involvement further by revamping our annual Sports Awards.

It is that time again to recognise achievers from the diaspora that have made the community proud in various fields of sports, both at a junior and senior level, along with coaches and match officials.

The Fifth Annual Indian Newslink Indian Sports Awards will be launched on Monday, December 21, 2015. The Awards ceremony will be held as a grand event in Auckland in May 2016, the date subject to confirmation with the availability of the Chief Guest.

The name of the Chief Guest will remain a mystery, for now, whilst confirmations are being sought.

As part of the revamp, the Awards categories have been amended to recognise the sports that are more popular in the diaspora.

These include Cricket, Rugby, Rugby League, Netball, Hockey and Golf.

Those involved with sports outside of these listed categories still stand to be recognised via the best sportsman and best sportswoman of the year awards.

Transparent and Accountable

In addition to this, there will be discretionary judges’ awards, if required, to recognise extra-ordinary achievements for those not suitable in any of the above listed classifications.

As with the Indian Newslink Indian Business Awards, the management of Indian Newslink will stay completely clear of the judging process for the purpose of transparency.  The selection of finalists and subsequent adjudication of nominees will be done by an independent panel of judges.  The judges’ panel is currently being finalised and will be announced in due course via the dedicated website at, which will go live on the launch date.

Emotive appeal

Sports awards have long been popular with both adults and children. The satisfaction that comes for being acknowledged as the person to receive either a trophy or certificate for an accomplishment, no matter what the sport it is, is no doubt a proud moment.

It is time to call-Babita and Daven Maharaj- Josh NaiduMoreover, this is an emotional moment for the family and friends of the person concerned.

Receiving recognition is also extremely significant for kids to help give confidence to them to carry on trying to do the best.

Now in its fifth year, our Awards Programme also serves to acknowledge, promote, and celebrate the contribution that sportsmen and sportswomen make to the wider Indian community in Auckland.

Nominations welcome

To ensure there is a wide reaching involvement, entries can be nominated in a multitude of avenues including Sports Clubs and Associations, Coaches, Umpires, Referees, Parents, Teaches and others well known to the recommended candidates.

Indian Newslink aims to make this revamped programme a majestic and far-reaching event, similar to its successful Indian Newslink Indian Business Awards that attracted about 1100 persons this year.

Ravi Nyayapati has been an Umpire for Auckland and has extensive experience in sports. He is the Convenor of the independent panel of judges of the Indian Newslink Indian Sports Awards 2016. He can be contacted on 021-950975.


Photo :

  1. Arzan Todywalla, Best Young Male Sports Achiever and Under 20 Soccer Player of the Year
  2. Deven and Babita Maharaj, Directors of D&B Subway presenting the ‘Best Rugby League Player of the Year Award’ to winner Josh Naidu

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