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Sandra Manderson

Internship programmes nurse- Superintendent Sandra MandersonUniversities play a significant role in their communities.

The University of Canterbury has been a major contributor in this area.

At no time was this more evident than following the post-earthquake periods in 2010 and 2011 in Christchurch.

The student army that emerged from Canterbury University played a vital role in rebuilding the community both physically and spiritually.

The community led by Police needs to repay the energy and creativity that a University community provides by ensuring their safety.

It is particularly important to welcome and embrace visitors from overseas who add so much to the diversity of New Zealand.

Internship programme

It would be great to formalise the relationship that Universities have with the New Zealand Police by creating an internship programme.

This would help direct students with specialist skills into careers within New Zealand Police, which offers an incredible range of opportunities, creating tangible links between academic study and community service.

Both of us learn from each other and an internship programme would be a win-win for both University students and the Police.

Cricket Challenges

Identifying and mitigating potential risks was one of the major challenges of ‘Operation Cricket World Cup.’

There were so many possible risks, both manmade and natural.

The scope of the risk involved became even more complex when you are involved in an operation, which encompasses both New Zealand and Australia.

New Zealand Police have an excellent cooperative relationship with the Australian Federal Police and the local state jurisdictions, which has been extremely beneficial during Operation Cricket World Cup.

Strong relationships

Within New Zealand, the key challenge was to ensure that the partnerships between government agencies and NGOs are just as strong, so that when issues arise an integrated and effective response can be made.

Most satisfying achievement

My most satisfying achievement in my Police career was definitely the six years that I served as Canterbury District Commander.

Working in a leadership role within the community in which I grew was immensely satisfying. To go from Head Girl at Hagley High School to District Commander of Canterbury Police was the result of decades of hard work and commitment to my community.

Prevention strategy

The core role of Police is to ensure the safety and security of New Zealand and New Zealanders.

To do this, we need public support and their assistance.

It is impossible to have a Police officer on every corner.

We are at our most effective in preventing crime when we work hand in glove with the community and with community groups.

For example, when I was the District Commander of Canterbury, we enlisted the help of Community Patrols to reduce the number of thefts from cars parked outside major events.

They were extremely effective and almost immediately, the number of thefts from cars was dramatically reduced.

Boy racing and tagging are two other anti-social behaviours where community action in partnership with Police enforcement is vital.

We rely on the community for information to help us solve a range of criminal activity from serious crime to public disorder.

Sandra Manderson is Superintendent of Police and National Commander of Police’s Cricket World Cup Operation.

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