How to choose a real estate salesperson

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Thinking of selling your house? For most people, their home is their biggest asset.

As experts in the often daunting process of buying and selling property, a real estate

salesperson can be a major support in the sale or purchase of a home.

Why use a real estate agent?

There are many advantages of using a real estate professional to guide you in the sale of your home. Their access to market data, knowledge of sales in your local area, individual marketing approach to reach the widest range of buyers, and experience in the complex sales process can all help you get the best possible outcome for your home.

What’s more, they can save you time and stress, leaving you to get on with your own


Do your research

Look for salespeople who are active in your community and have sold a lot of property in your area, particularly properties that are similar in size, type and price bracket to your home. On, you can search for salespeople active in your area, and read through their profiles, which include their current listings, testimonials, videos, and a track record of their recent sales.

Visiting the open homes of prospective salespeople is another good way of seeing them in action. Check how they present someone else’s home, how engaged they are, and how approachable they seem. You can learn a lot about a salesperson when you come across them as a prospective buyer.

Seek recommendations

Chances are that someone in your network of friends, family and acquaintances has gone through the process of buying or selling a home. Ask around for referrals, and find out how their salesperson helped them achieve their goals.

Choose a company you trust

The reputation and available resources of a company is an important consideration. Choose a salesperson who works for a company you know and trust, and one that is licensed under REAA (Real Estate Agents Authority).

Give them an audition

Once you have a shortlist of salespeople to consider, meet with them to show them around your home. This helps establish whether you have the right ‘chemistry’ with them. Ask yourself, can you imagine working with them?

Most importantly, the best salesperson for you should have a good knowledge of the area, and the best way to market and sell your home within it. Use these meetings as an informal interview to discover what their strategy in marketing your home would be, as every salesperson will have a different approach. It’s important to find out what your salesperson offers in that area are they comfortable with digital marketing, being in front of the camera for a property video, or have a tried and true strategy for print marketing?

Final thoughts

Most importantly, remember that this will be a professional relationship lasting several weeks, even months. It’s important that you choose a salesperson you feel confident in and comfortable with, who is going to get the best possible result for you.

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