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Your building infrastructure, plant, equipment, fixtures and fitting are your largest and most expensive investment.

Fritz Maintenance Management Software specialises in protecting this investment, providing a positive effect on your company’s bottom line and maximising product longevity. This avoids the pitfalls of running down important financial assets.

Infrastructure investment offers a professional environment to current and future clients, exhibiting proficient management practices and detailed expertise obvious to all who visit your sites.

Best RIT

Specific areas are targeted to provide the best return on investment by utilising condition auditing results to highlight areas which would benefit from targeted funds injection. This maximises returns on space or equipment utilisation.

The maintenance processes of the Fritz maintenance management software offers a logical, systematic approach to maintenance management throughout your facilities.

Managing the need for scheduled maintenance along with ensuring timely responses to reactive maintenance problems becomes straightforward as Fritz is implemented throughout your business environment.

Our software provides a portal which offers easy reporting of problems and sharing of progress achieved during the maintenance process.

The provision of detailed and summary reports empower your management team to make sound decisions with a concise understanding of where expenditure has been deployed and how your performance targets are met.

Extensive utilisation

Fritz is extensively utilised in industries such as Hospitals where facility management and specialised biomedical maintenance management must adhere to rigorous legislated standards.

Other businesses such as Hotels, Aged Care facilities, Sporting Clubs, Council and Recreation areas and many similar environments all benefit from tight maintenance control, where it is essential the built environment and all the items contained within the facility remain in excellent working order.

Fritz has steadily developed since its first inception in 1989.  Tested, tried and improved by many engineering specialists, Fritz contains all the modules that are essential to the provision of first class maintenance services.

The Fritz maintenance processes enables a logical and systematic approach to maintenance management. All issues are carefully tracked, with a system of raised warning flags to indicate if key performance milestones are in danger of being overrun.

Customised approach

The Solutions Software Group can also provide a customised approach to the provision of maintenance services.

These services including the coordination and deployment of in-house technicians and external contractors.

This ensures the people with the right skills are engaged to provide a cost effective solution to your maintenance needs.

Utilising the Fritz software, the Solutions Software Group offers a comprehensive facility management call centre, providing your staff with a one-stop method to report breakdowns and initiate remedial actions.

The call centre provides a communications hub, facilitating clear communications between technicians and your staff, so they are fully apprised of maintenance progress.

Financial Services

The Solutions Software Group also includes financial services where many maintenance supplier’s invoices can be drawn together to form a single monthly invoice itemising all the maintenance services performed within your facilities.

This frees your staff from having to obtain quotes and handle and verify many maintenance invoices.  The Solutions Software Group can also assist with Contract Management support to ensure essential maintenance contracts which are required for specialised equipment such as fire services, lift maintenance and heating and cooling systems.

These are all maintained in the most cost effective manner possible.

Tracking ability

Combining the tracking ability of Fritz software with the tailored maintenance services provided by the Solutions Software Group, will facilitate tight control of all financial aspects of every maintenance task.

Fritz software also provides you with the ability to forward estimate future maintenance costs, facilitating the minimisation of surprise disbursements and avoiding cost over-runs. Reduction of equipment replacement costs through targeted maintenance scheduling contributes to a holistic maintenance management solution.

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Fritz Maintenance Management Software is a part of the Sahara International Group of Australia, Sponsor of the ‘Business Excellence in Information & Computer Technology’ of the Indian Newslink Indian Business Awards 2015.

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