Fiji children need books and things- now and forever

Public support sought for ‘Save our Schools’ campaign

An appeal has gone out to people of Fijian origin and philanthropists of other ethnic groups to participate in an ongoing campaign to provide for the basic needs of school-going children in Fiji.

Thousands of poor children are currently suffering without books, stationary items, uniforms and other necessitates to continue their studies.

Compounded problem

Their problems have been compounded by Tropical Cyclone Winston, which last month caused damages to properties including schools in many regions, especially from Ba to Rakiraki.

“More than 90% of the schools in these regions have been completely destroyed. They need to be refurbished with tables, chairs and other equipment while our children need basic items for their studies. We appeal to the public to support our ‘Save our Schools’ programme. The need is now, more than ever,” Ahemad Bhamji, former President of International Congress of Fiji Inc and community worker from Ba said.

He said that New Zealand has a progressive Fijian Diaspora including people born and raised in the affected areas and those who have been educated in the schools.

Fiji children need-Infographic WEb

Cry for Help

“It is my sincere appeal to everyone to contribute to this great cause. If all of us did our bit, we can easily fulfil our objectives. Fiji today needs the support of its former sons and daughters and their children,” Mr Bhamji said.

He also suggested Fijian and Indian associations to organise fundraisers like the programme recently conducted by Waitakere Indian Association for a school in Rakiraki and Ba.

According to Fiji’s National Office, the damage to schools stands at about F$ 42 million.

“About 300 schools and 26,000 people in the worst affected areas have been provided with supplies to ensure safe drinking water and sanitation.  Apart from the impact on education, 38% of all healthcare facilities were damaged,” it said in a press release.

The United Nations children’s agency UNICEF said that 120,000 children had been affected by Cyclone Winston.

Indian Newslink will continue to support ‘Save our Schools’ campaign and mobilise support from the New Zealand business community and individuals.

Photo :Picture of the Penang Sangam School after Cyclone Winston hit Fiji

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