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The Indian Newslink Indian Business Awards (IBA) 2015 will be held at the Sky City Convention Centre in Auckland on November 23 this year.

The Annual Awards, in their 8th year, will recognise and honour businesses and businesspersons of Indian origin in New Zealand who have made a mark in the corporate world. Finalists and Winners will be declared in 13 different categories with the Supreme Business Award given to the overall winner.

Since their inception in 2008, the Awards have grown bigger and better.

This year more than 1100 people including ministers, Members of Parliament, government officials, senior managers of public and private sector undertakings, professionals, entrants, finalists, sponsors and distinguished guests are expected to attend the glittering Gala Black Tie event, which will commence with cocktails, exhibition of sponsors and networking at 5 pm, followed by speeches, entertainment, dinner and the Awards Presentation Ceremony.

Increasing scale

The increase in scale is a reflection of the increasing number of Indian Businesses being efficaciously run in the county. The government’s friendly policies encourage people to be self-employed and become successful entrepreneurs, matching their skills and capabilities.

The productivity and contribution of Indian businesses to the New Zealand economy is being widely recognised. These businesses do well and deliver top notch goods and services with exceptional customer service.

It is their through their hard work, dedication and proclivity to innovate that have enabled them to grow from strength to strength. Many have not only grown from small to medium-sized and large businesses with national and international reach but have also gained global attention. Many entities which started as small business have grown manifold, setting new benchmarks for others to follow.

Individual winners

IBA 2015 also awards successful people of Indian origin in categories like the Best Accountant and the Best Young Entrepreneur. This shows another facet of Indians in New Zealand. The younger generation coming through the education system are bright academic individuals, making their mark in a professional capacity in major corporates and their own ventures.

The judging Process

The Indian Newslink Indian Business Awards pride themselves on the integrity and transparency in the selection process for the winners. A distinguished panel of 10 judges evaluate all entries based on their merit.

The panel is independent of this publication and any of the sponsors for the Business Awards. The entrants are safe in the knowledge that information they have provided the IBA, will only be used for the purpose of evaluating entries for this year’s Awards.

All information about these Awards and the parameters on which entries are judged are available on the website (www.inliba.com).

Guest of Honour

Indian Newslink is proud to host Dr Jebamalai Vinanchiarachi as a Guest of Honour at this year’s event. A PhD in Economics from the University of Madras, he started his career as a Lecturer in 1970 at the Pioneer Kumarasamy College, Nagercoil. He joined the United Nations Industrial Development Organisation (UNIDO) in 1982 and is today a Sustainable Development expert, with nearly 30 years of experience.

Dr Vinanchiarachi has written several articles, books and reports. His expertise will be useful to New Zealand as it strives to deliver a clean, green eco-friendly and sustainable economy.

Veritable platform

INLIBA have become a platform to recognise and reward successful businesses and professionals. The essence of these Awards has been to motivate businesses and professionals to lift their standards, become national and international players and intensify their engagement as partners in the country’s commercial and industrial success.


Indian Newslink Indian Business Awards 2015 Awards Presentation Night

Master of Ceremonies: Michelle Pickles

Sky City Convention Centre, Auckland City; Monday, November 23, 2015 from 5 pm

Tickets: $150 plus GST per person; Tables seating ten persons each at $1500 plus GST

Inclusive of Cocktails, Dinner and Entertainment

Contact Editor on (09) 5336377 (09) 3910203; Email: editor@indiannewslink.co.nz


Our Sponsors

Bank of New Zealand: Title Sponsor; Best Large Business; Supreme Business of the Year

KPMG: Best Accountant of the Year

AIA New Zealand: Best Financial Advisor (Mortgage & Insurance) of the Year

2degrees Mobile Limited: Best Medium-Sized Business of the Year

Pullman Hotel Auckland: Best Small Business of the Year

Aon New Zealand: Best Young Entrepreneur of the Year

ACG Careers & Tertiary Group: Business Excellence in International Trade with India

Oporto New Zealand: Business Excellence in Retail Trade

New Zealand School of Education: Best Businesswoman of the Year

Sahara International: Business Excellence in Information & Computer Technology

Mercury Printz: Business Excellence in Customer Service

Radio Tarana: Business Excellence in Marketing

Sponsorship Awaited: Business Excellence in Innovation

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