Business Excellence in Marketing




  1. Patton Limited
  2. CrestClean South and East Auckland
  3. Pacific Engineering Projects Limited
  4. Global Financial Services Limited
  5. Link 2 Group


CrestClean South & East Auckland

Judges’ Comments:

Crestclean is a contract cleaning business model with a large number of licensees operating in the East and South of Auckland.

We were impressed by the success of their marketing strategy which has doubled customer numbers in three years, through direct communication with clients, excellent service and leveraging word of mouth. Crestclean targets a very specific market segment which is particularly suitable for its licensees.


Business Excellence in Marketing- Robert Khan, Craig Foss, Viky & Nileshna Narayan

Viky & Nileshna Narayan with (from left) Radio Tarana Managing Director Robert Khan and Small Business Minister Craig Foss. Seated far left is Economic Development Minister Steven Joyce.

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