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Knowledge is Power.

More than a cliché, it is also the truth, and in this immensely competitive world, a business with any kind of power or advantage over the competition is a business that is successful.

This is where knowledge plays an integral part.  More than just fancy gimmicks, overzealous promotions, or other marketing tricks, knowledge is perhaps the single best way to get ahead of any kind of competition, and not just general knowledge.  Specific knowledge, when possessed by specific people in the company, can amount to work done intelligently, efficiently, and effectively, which is all the advantage a business could ever need.

When it comes to acquiring knowledge or better training for a corporate setting, however, nothing is better than eLearning today.

In an environment where the most knowledge and training must be learned in the least amount of time, qualifications and courses offered via eLearning have proven to be the most ideal solution, and with good reason.

Customisation where it counts

Schools and other learning institutions have learning modules and curriculum that is fixed, since the learners are generally of the same learning needs when they come there.  eLearning as offered by prime eLearning institutions are specifically tailored to specific needs, which learners can choose from, to better find a course or qualification that suits them the best.

This is immensely efficient, as there is no need to take courses that may have no bearing at all with the needed knowledge or training.

In cases where the courses have levels and prerequisites, the models are tailored to be equally specific to the skill or knowledge that is needed, and then broken down into levels for faster absorption and learning.

In a corporate setting, nothing works better since the employees seeking to upgrade their skills will not be required to be off from work for long, if at all, just to get their upgrade.

For those looking yo have a competitive edge, this also works quite well, since they get the maximised timing of a crash course, but with the comprehensive procedure of a proper learning institution.

Updated process, technology and methodology

eLearning courses and qualifications today are crafted to yield maximum learning with minimum effort and time consumption.  This is done by integrating learning and teaching methods found to enhance knowledge retention, foster greater interest, and facilitate practical application into the learning modules.  Rather than just having to sit through volumes of theoretical learning, someone taking eLearning now will also have the benefit of being taught how everything learned can be best put into practical application.

On top of that, eLearning courses are also facilitated on the latest in computer and multimedia technology, for faster learning, better comprehension, and applicable skill building.

As businesses today simply cannot make do without some form of automation or computing technology, it is important to understand the essential role of being familiarised with not only the most basic of technology and office automation, but also the latest innovations, which proper eLearning institutions today use.

Sahara International and ultimate eLearning integration

Sahara International offers innovative eLearning solutions, courses, and qualifications utilising the latest in learning and multimedia technology to deliver learning and training package that encompasses the need of a learner, and ultimately, the business where the learner’s skill and knowledge upgrades can be best appreciated.

Sahara International  has taken great care in ensuring that the modules have been crafted to respond to specific needs, so as not include anything else that is not needed, thus saving everyone time, effort, and most importantly, money.  By taking what is known to not only work, but work well, and integrating it with the needs of an individual or a business, Sahara International has tailor-made courses aimed at delivering superlative results within a very manageable learning time frame.

Sahara International is the brainchild of Mr Lange, a leading visionary dedicated to creating and providing eLearning systems that don’t only look and sound immensely excellent in marketing, but also have the actual results and ROI to back up all of the claims that come with it.

Recognised Leader

A recognised leader in technology, Mr Lange had achieved each business goal he sets through rigorous management discipline, balanced by dynamic strategies.

In 2001, he founded Faxtel International, an online marketing company that has become one of the largest fax broadcasting and email marketing companies in Australia.

He then founded several online training colleges, delivering high quality, interactive and nationally accredited qualifications to both Australian and international markets in 2003.

Mr Lange is on the forefront of Australia’s leading registered training organizations (RTOs), developing and delivering high quality online courses to major corporate companies, including Pepsi Co, Coca Cola, TAFE, NT News Limited, The Australian Football League and Cadburys.

With more than 20 years of experience in organisational development, consulting, and in the education industry, Mr Lange specialises in the creation of eLearning content, activities, assessment and platforms.

His ever-expanding expertise provides clients with the support and confidence to explore design and deliver advanced, world-class online training and organisational improvement projects.

Mr Lange is an accomplished CEO, managing director and business owner.

Fueled by that exemplary experience and motivation, the Sahara International Group has continued to expand to over six different countries by providing education bespoke solutions.

It is now offering KPO and BPO services to the globe with the added benefit of the specific skill-set of his established digital marketing company in the Philippines.

New Zealand is a definite market in his ‘To Do List.’


Sahara International is the Sponsor of the ‘Business Excellence in ICT’ category of the Indian Newslink Indian Business Awards 2015.


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