AIA to honour A1 Financial Adviser

Venkat Raman

We are happy to announce the launch of a new category to the Indian Newslink Indian Business Awards (INLIBA) 2015 to recognise and honour one of the most important professions that determines the health of the economy.

‘Best Financial Adviser (Mortgage & Insurance)’ is the new ‘Individual Category,’ entry to which is either by nomination or by direct participation of professionals. The entry criteria and other requirements are available in our Awards website (

Proud Sponsor

AIA New Zealand Chief Executive Wayne Besant said that his Company is very proud to be a sponsor of INLIBA and to introduce a brand-new Award Category.

“Within this new Award Category, the judges will seek to honour an adviser who has a strong track record in the industry, a robust and well-documented advice process for insurance and mortgage products, and an innovative approach to the provision of financial advice. The ultimate winner would have been acknowledged by their peers for quality of service and advice, and will have a solid base of satisfied clients,” he said.

He said that the Award would also allow AIA to recognise those who enable a more diverse range of Kiwis to access the benefits of insurance.

Market Leader

“As part of a Pan-Asian life insurance group with 90 years of history and a presence in 17 Asia Pacific markets, we are uniquely placed to continue our support of Asian and Indian advisers through the AIA Financial Services Network – and to serve the growing Indian community, whose contribution to New Zealand the Indian Business Awards celebrate,” he said.

Indian Newslink will bring important issues relating to insurance, products and services and other interesting facts and snippets in its forthcoming issues.

A related report appears under Homelink in this issue.

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