About Indian Newslink Community Fund

Criteria for disbursement

  • Addresses an important humanitarian need.
  • In the case of natural disaster in India, Fiji and Sri Lanka, it has to be declared so by the State or the Federal Government and the support of the wider community becomes apparent.
  • Render assistance to people in need due to natural disaster or tragic accident without regard to class, colour, sex or creed. This is to uphold the dignity of human beings.
  • The assistance aligns with the mission of Indian Newslink Community Fund.
  • There is a clearly established need for assistance to cater to the aftermath of the disaster or the accident.
  • The assistance is used and demonstrates caring for those people it seeks to assist
  • The assistance gives immediate, or long-term solutions, or both

Funding Decisions

Funding Decisions will be made by the Committee, comprising Chairman of the Fund and its members- Managing Director and Editor of Indian Newslink based on the aforementioned criteria.

Assistance rendered will be solely on merit and the degree to which it meets the criteria and the humanitarian need.

The Committee will identify the need and the anticipated outcomes of the agency or the person receiving the assistance.

The Committee will verify that the agency or the person receiving the assistance   clearly demonstrate caring for the people it seeks to assist.

The Chairman and the members of the Indian Newslink Community Fund will render their services on voluntary Basis.

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