15 years of growth and service

Indian Newslink completes fifteen years of publication on November 15, to commemorate which this issue contains a 32-Page Special.

As we have mentioned in our editorial, 15 years may not be significant in the newspaper industry or in the history of an organisation, but in the case of a small company, it marks a major milestone.

Publishing a newspaper in a fiercely competitive environment has its serious challenges, both in the journalistic and financial points of view. Our resources are limited, whereas our desire to serve the interests of the community intensifies constantly.

Deep commitment

As we reach this landmark, we are humbled by the enormity of problems and issues that confront our world and our communities and the poverty of our own contributions in solving them. Curiously, this inadequacy deepens our commitment to address the challenges, gather your views and carry them to those who matter.

We take this opportunity to express our sincere gratitude to our advertisers, sponsors, readers, correspondents, contributors and well-wishers. This is a solemn occasion for us to reiterate our belief in objective, investigative, free and frank journalism and our penchant for forging closer relationships with our communities.

The Indian Newslink Team

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